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ST3 - NP3® Coated Select 1-4 Quantity
ST3 - NP3® Coated Select 5-8 Quantity

The ST3 uses industry leader Coating Technologies to coat the carrier.

About NP3® – (Electroless Nickel / PTFE) and NP3+ (Electroless Nickel / PTFE with a High Phosphorus Electroless Nickel undercoat) are durable, self-lubricating  Nickel / PTFE composite coatings that can support a wide range of engineering applications.

With a 0.1 coefficient of friction and up to 500 hours salt spray resistance this thin, hard and lubricious coating combines a low coefficient of friction with wear resistance, electrical conductivity and increased protection from corrosion. The coatings autocatalytic (electroless) deposit reduces the thickness variations that are associated with electrolytic deposits and creates a thin uniform coating that is accurately deposited across complex geometries. – Coating Technologies