SPEED-TAC AR Bolt Carrier

Never Drop A Magazine Again!

In order for a fully-loaded AR-15 magazine to be inserted into the gun, an excessive amount of force is needed, which doesn’t always result in the magazine latching properly.


Speed Tac

It will not fall out.

Speed Tac

It won’t drop.

Speed Tac

It won’t misfeed.

Speed Tac

It won’t disappoint.


Why A Speed Tac Bolt Carrier?

When the bolt is closed and a full magazine is inserted into an AR, there is interference from the top round of the magazine to the bolt carrier which would not allow the magazine latch to engage. The result is magazines falling out when the shooter thinks the magazine is fully inserted and fire.

Speed Tac redesigned the bolt carrier by relieving material from the bottom of the carrier allowing for the first round to have clearance from the carrier itself allowing the magazine to latch completely.

The benefit now is there’s a live round in the barrel and you can put in another magazine easily, whether, 10, 20 or 30 and it will fully engage into the latch. It will not fall out, it won’t drop, it won’t misfeed. The shooter is still in the fight with 31 rounds, regardless if it’s a speed load or a tactical load.

SpeedTac Solves
AR15/M16 Magazine Loading Issue!

Never Download
Your Magazine Again!


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